Welcome to the LFE Family

With a new year comes changes to the LFE Website. We have kept and maintained the same site for 7 years now and it is time for a change. The shift to the Team Snap will allow us to collect registration, form teams, and blast out information at a more consistent and structured format.

The site will be growing as the year moves on. At this Beta Version, we are scaling back and launching for Spring League Registration, Team Formation, and Schedule Building ONLY. As the summer and Fall hits, new additions will be made and added.

Be sure to get the lay of the land of the new site and check out the new additions throughout the site.

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Featured Warm-Up

Each month LFE Hoops will feature a new section of drills that you can either add to your practice plan as coaches or work on individually at home. This months featured workout out is a warm up activity ran by Coach Hohman and his now 5th grade travel team.


" We do it for the Alumni," Arcuri said. "We do it for the little girls in the LFE Community, and we do it for each other. It is awesome." 


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